The trips

The Coral islands

in the heart of Moramba Bay

Peace and quiet!


Walks are accessible to everyone and do not need any particular physical aptitude. You can discover the forest, the local creeks and the fishing villages along the carefully maintained paths from the lodge.


Naci, responsible for the gardens and the natural reserve of Anjajavy, can accompany you on these walks and trips if you like.

Some examples of the walks, with or without guide (a map is available)>


The Giant’s causeway and the Kings’ Avenue

Through the forest to see the tsingy (eroded limestone or coral pinnacles) and to discover areas of Madagascar flora and fauna only found here.

Below the avenue of the baobabs

“Crab Highway”

Meet the baobabs, the hairy crab, the eroded limestone and the birds, finishing with a vist to a small cave.


The cave of the Sakalava

In a 4x4 and then on foot to explore the underworld of stalagmites and stalactites and the inhabitants: the Madagascar bats.


From creek to creek

Walk from the Anjajavy peninsula along its wild and deserted creeks.

A Robinson Crusoe journey, with a picnic on one of these beaches where no one will ever disturb your peace.


A visit to the village of Anjajavy

Every Sunday morning, under the great mango tree of the village, it’s market day for the little fishing village of Anjajavy. Come by sea, in a motor boat or a catamaran or in a 4x4 to meet the villagers.


Visit to the village of Ambodro Ampasy

In motor boat or pirogue, you can visit the dispensary and the primary school

started by the NGO “Ecole du Monde”, as well as the crafts shop established by the Association of the Friends of Anjajavy (ADA).

You can take part in the development of the village and help the local population by buying Madagascar craft goods made there by the villagers.




The king's avenue


In the mangroves,

Coral tsingys and baobabs