The villages

Sometimes negotiations go well:

Laughing or singing !

If you want you can get up early one Sunday morning, you will be welcomed with great pleasure by the villagers!

From there you can get to know the association of seamstresses who embroider cloth in the traditional manner, the fishermen who are returning from the sea, the farmers who supply the lodge and on another day you can also return to the school and visit the durable energy installations and the water wells...


To school


There are many projects; here are a few which will welcome your precious help:


Development projects>


Anjajavy lodge works closely with the NGO Ecole du Monde in durable development in 4 isolated villages near the lodge.

This is about supporting the development of micro-enterprises, in particular in the villages of Anjajavy and Ambondro-Ambassy.



The projects cover various activities:


  • Fishing (purchase of canoes, nets and drying equipment)
  • Agriculture (purchase of seed and fertilisers)
  • Beekeeping (purchase of hives)
  • Livestock, crafts, small businesses and transport (purchase of dhows for trade with Majunga).

These projects are financed by customer donations.


The hotel employs about a hundred people form the neighbouring villages and buys all the available production coming from them.

The doctor who lives here deals with local employees and their families.


A midwife now deals with mothers and the new-born babies.


The midwife of the village of Anjajavy