The baobabs

Baobabs in Moramba bay

Mushroom island with baobabs

In Moramba bay

The majestic, awe-inspiring baobab is the emblem of Madagascar.


“Wisdom is like a baobab tree: no one individual can embrace it”
African proverb.


Madagascar is home to six baobab species that are unique to the island. A seventh species, the African Baobab, was introduced to Northwest Madagascar by Arab traders (or their slaves) around the 13th Century. At Anjajavy, you will meet three species: Grey, Fony and the African Baobab. The red-gold Fony Baobabs clinging to the tsingy islands in the turquoise waters of Moramba Bay form one of Madagascar’s most spectacular and magical landscapes.


These swollen giants have many outstanding qualities. They are the longest living flowering plants on earth – one African Baobab from South Africa was found to be around 2000 years old! The largest baobab recorded in Madagascar measures 27 metres in circumference! These trees are true survivors, withstanding terrible droughts and fierce storms, and they can grow on bare rock. They even continue to grow when they fall down, but when they do eventually die their ancient trunks rot away to dust in a matter of months!


Offering baobab

Offering at a foot of a baobab


Every baobab has its own character, its own story. It is not surprising that these incredible trees are revered by the local people, and certain trees are held as sacred. People make offerings at the base of the baobab, such as zebu horns, honey and rum, in the hope of receiving blessings.


Come and be inspired by Anjajavy’s remarkable baobabs: to bring good luck you should wear the traditional sarong, go round them anti-clockwise and never point your finger at them...


Baobabs in Moramba bay


In the heart of Moramba bay