Sacred Ibis

A paradise for birds and bird watchers alike


Many beautiful, rare and endemic birds make their homes in the gardens and Reserve, making it a rewarding place for those of an ornithological persuasion. It is one of the best places to spot the regal Madagascar Fish Eagle, shy Crested Ibis, or rare Madagascar Sacred Ibis.


Another frequent visitor to the gardens is the impressive Madagascar Harrier Hawk, which raise havoc amongst the lemurs and smaller birds that live in fear of its sharp talons. Keep your eye out for other birds of prey that visit the reserve, like France’s Sparrowhawk and Henst’s Goshawk.


Even if birdwatching isn’t your thing, you can’t help but be enchanted by the kaleidoscope of colours and shapes of the Reserve’s common birds, from the vibrant Red Fody and Souimanga Sunbird to the exotic Paradise Flycatcher and Sickle-billed Vanga. Most days crowds of jewel-green Grey-headed Lovebirds feed on the lawn while our guests enjoy their breakfast nearby.


fish eagle

Madagascan fish eagle

(Haliaeetus vociferoides)


Madagascan harrier hawk


Bird of paradise

Crested Ibis

Crested Ibis

Kingfisher Malachite Kingfisher
Grey-headed love birds

Grey-headed lovebirds

Paradise Fly catcher

Paradise Flycatcher


Red fody Red fody