Anjajavy / Nature

Welcome to Madagascar, the lost world.


Teeming with unusual creatures that evolved in isolation for tens of millions of years, Madagascar is like nowhere else on Earth. Only here can you meet bouncing lemurs, marvel at a leaf-tailed gecko or stumble upon a hedgehog tenrec! This makes Anjajavy Lodge and Reserve is a wildlife watcher’s dream: you can encounter something new every day whilst enjoying unrivalled comfort and luxury.


In fact, Anjajavy is still being explored, and we are sure there will be new discoveries here over the years to come.We are regularly adding new species to the Reserve’s extensive inventory of animals and plants – will you be the next keen-eyed guest to spot something new?

Lemurs and Fosas

Cheeky and wild, they are free...
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The baobabs

Majestic and sacred, they demand respect...
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The birds

...of paradise, fish hunters, birds of pray...
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The flora

So diverse that you will be seduced...
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The reptiles / Anjajavy by night

Chameleons and boas, grey lizards or iguanas...See below