The lodge > the oasis

The oasis is a place for living,

totally unique and

the pride of Anjajavy Lodge

Designed by Camille MULLER, a Paris landscape gardener in love with Madagascar, the oasis if the fruit of a harmonious research into all the aromas available throughout this immense territory.

A veritable tropical Eden, you will discover in the oasis a wide variety of aquatic plants, papyrus, tree ferns, all kinds of climbing plants, palm trees which offer refuge to lemurs, green kingfishers, the fody bird of Madagascar and also the rongo ...

A network of vaporisers enables a degree of constant humidity to be maintained and, at the hottest hours of the day, gives you a delicious sense of real coolness.



If you like you can take

your breakfast any time from sunrise

at the oasis unless you want to “privatise”

this delightful space for a lovers’ dinner?

... or both?!