Madagascar > Landscapes and weather

It’s far from rare for travellers

who have come once to


to come back again and again...

Topography – the land of contrasts

 Bordered by a wide coastal band of humid forest facing the Mozambique Channel, the high granite plateaus of the centre of the Grand Île reach 2876 metres.

On the other side, the east, the Indian Ocean faces the long straight coastline which extends from Sainte Marie to the point of southern Madagascar.


Climate > All the skies of the world

 Monsoons, deserts, humid equatorial forest, gentle trade winds, brutal cyclones...

 from - 6°C to 40°C,

 from dry season to the rainy season, each region offers its own special climate. A journey in Madagascar, from the equatorial Northwest to the great Southern deserts - each offer its huge range of world climates


The west coast of Madagascar (Anjajavy) benefits from almost permanent sunshine.

In February, tropical rains give a strong and vigorous boost to the vegetation.