To book

    Indicative flight schedule :
    Antananarivo – Anjajavy : 07.00am – 08.30am
    Anjajavy – Antananarivo : 09.30am – 11.00am
    Private charter flights on demand.

    Practical Information


    Ariary and a Euro = about 3,500 Ariary


    We do not accept gifts and tips until the end of your stay. We have a cashbox for that purpose. We ensure equitable distribution. This allows for the respect of the service and team spirit as well as a welcoming authenticity that is characteristic of the lodge.


    Anjajavy is an isolated place, the mobile coverage is restricted. The hotel uses a satellite connection for telephone and internet.
    The maximum flow rate is 1 Mb/s which we share between all of us. For technical reasons beyond our control, this connection may be cut or delayed, sometimes for long periods.
    A simple download can considerably disrupt the overall connection. We ask you to be kind and please avoid video streaming and disable automatic updates for your connected devices.


    In order to honor the hotel’s particular environment, the preferred dress code is “casual chic / safari chic / tropical chic” for the evening. This means no T-shirts and caps at dinner.

    Aside from the beaches and the swimming pool, please avoid walking in swimming attire in common areas of the lodge, particularly at the restaurant.
    Do not forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and light clothes. Closed and/or walking shoes could be useful for some hikes.
    The hotel has a shop for common products.

    To be culturally respectful, it is not suitable for women to reveal a bare chest. The same applies in the public areas of the lodge, whether it is on the beach or at the swimming pool.

    Calm and stillness are all around. Children and teenagers will appreciate the peaceful character of the premises if they are initiated to it before arrival.


    They will have to be flexible and soft-sided, 140 cm of linear dimension (height + width + depth) to fit light planes compartments.
    The maximum weight of baggage should not exceed 20 kg per person.


    Anjajavy le Lodge has its own medical doctor or a paramedic staff based at the hotel. They are responsible for risk control supervision in terms of food safety (such as daily microbiological control, inspections, delivery and medical supervision and employee training).

    Our doctor on site recommends taking a probiotic to help travellers visiting from other parts of Madagascar adapt before coming to Anjajavy.

    No vaccination is required. Your vaccination records should, however, be up to date.
    Malaria prevalence on the peninsula of Anjajavy is weak. Antimalarial treatment is however recommended in any part of Madagascar. Contact your doctor for advice.

    Mineral water will be available in your villa throughout your stay.