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The stay at Anjajavy le Lodge is governed by the internal regulation of the hotel mentionned below :


The "client" or "resident" will stay within the confines of the reserve and the hotel and will use the premises and facilities in'' good father'' in accordance with the provisions hereof. Management may ask a resident contravening this regulation to leave at its cost. 


Behavior: The resident will have a courteous and respectful behavior to people and will not take the actions that would trouble the tranquility of other residents, morality or the reputation of the hotel and its employees. Public scandals are prohibited.

The customer will bear the cost of missing items and the costs of items damaged by him.


Calm: Respect of the tranquility is required within the confines of the reserve and the hotel. A quiet space is defined around the pool, the restaurant and the Hotel Oasis. There, the residents will avoid noise and telephone conversations. Parents will ensure that their children respect the tranquility of this quiet space.

Motorboats must not land on the main beach of the hotel unless necessary service or authorization of management of the hotel.


Dining: For the tranquility of the restaurant, the maximum dimension of restaurant tables is 8  people. Sound devices (tablet and walkman) cannot be used at the restaurant without headphone. 

The Hotel reserves the right to refuse service outside the restaurant.

Parents will ensure that their children respect the tranquility of this quiet space (no running, no shouting).

It is not advisable to eat or drink in the pool.

The customer will have to dress appropriately; smart casual, tropical chic or safari chic in the evening. Caps, bathing suits, and bathrobe are not allowed at the restaurant.

It is strictly forbidden to directly or indirectly feed the animals on the premises of the hotel and reserve.


Company: The Hotel is exclusively reserved for residents, visitors are not allowed unless authorized by the board. It is forbidden to invite someone into his room with the exception of another client resident of the hotel or with the approbation of the general Manager.

Accompanying minors are in the customer's sole responsibility both inside and outside the hotel.

Pets are not allowed.


Security: The client has to comply with the Malagasy law by signing the registration card on arrival/ at the check in, at the reception desk of the hotel.

The swimming pool, swimming, water activities and sports are not monitored. The pool does not have protective railings. Responsibility of the hotel cannot be held liable for theft or damage to personal effects.


Tips and donations: Individual tips, remuneration or direct grants to hotel employees are not possible. Tips or donations can be provided for the welfare of all personnel only.


Environment: In order not to disturb the social and cultural environment of Anjajavy peninsula, visiting villages must be accompanied by guides from the hotel. It is asked to customers not to make direct grants to encourage people not to adopt an awaiting behavior or begging. Respect for traditional taboos is required.

The natural environment should be respected and any impact minimized.


Discharge of responsibility:



1. Groupe L’hôtel/ Anjajavy le Lodge and its representatives cannot be responsible for :


1.1. Any loss or damage to the property or possessions of any guest, resident or visitor, whether such damage was caused by fire, theft or otherwise, or by the negligence or the wrong act of anyone in the employment of, or acting on behalf of Groupe l’Hôtel/Anjajavy le Lodge.


1.2. Any personal injuries/death of whatever nature, sustained by a guest, resident, visitor or animal whether injuries/death were sustained by the negligence or wrongful act of anyone employed by Groupe l’Hôtel/Anjajavy Le Lodge or any other person or by the defective functioning of any apparatus or appliance of Anjajavy Le Lodge.


2. Any client of Anjajavy le Lodge/Groupe l’Hôtel who is accompanied or visited by any other person, safeguard Groupe l’Hotêl/ANJAJAVY LE Lodge against any responsibility towards any persons in the instances explained in the instances explained in the conditions paragraph 1 (1.1) and (1.2) above.


3. The resident contravening the lodge regulation must assume the consequences and therefore leave at the resident cot if decided by the management.


4. All outstanding monies owed must be settled on departure.